Fair use policy on training and consulting (free sessions)

Most of the training courses we offer and the projects we do include some level of free consulting and training hours. The details of this will be on the course page or on your quote. The intention of this is to support the coaching process so we can enable you to learn in a practical way as you are busy running your business in the real world.

To get answers to your questions you can send an email, or a WhatsApp, or grab a time in the calendar to chat on a video call.

To keep things fair and reasonable you should keep your free questions and consulting times to within 6 weeks of the end of your last course or project. Please also keep WhatsApp questions (text or voicenote) short and rather book a time to talk or write an email if it is a long question. Please keep WhatsApp questions to reasonable times of day. Please also understand that it may take some time to get back to you with an answer, there is no guaranteed reply time, it depends on work load at the time.