Brand Identity and website design
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NanoreTech is an offshoot of the Sirch Group. They use a patented technology as part of a specialised process that they have developed to extract upwards of 70% of valuable metals from mine dumps in Africa. They also provide project financing through Joint Ventures and overseas commodity trading. They are very much in startup phase, so they need to do a lot with minimum budget. I structured a package within their budget that gave them a logo, essential stationery and a basic website – everything they need to get going for now, from a branding point of view anyway.

The first image below is the rough logo idea sketch that I received as a brief from the client Nick Conradie. Nick has some hidden talents. I liked it. Polish it up, get the right colours going, add a bit of depth and keep it clean and simple. The biggest challenge was to get to a final polished design that reads clearly as NanOre Tech and not Nan ReTech or Nano Retech. Nick and I bounced this back and forth a bit and I showed him a few variations; in the end we settled on the logo below.

The website is responsive (displays nicely on all device sizes) and it also includes some commodity price feeds, exchange rates and some market news feeds:

A few months after I handed over the website. Nick came back and asked me to set up a Microsoft Office Powerpoint Presentation Template for them to use in sales meetings. A few slides from that are shown on the left.

Hopefully the next thing we tackle together is creating a solid product overview for their solutions, and perhaps later an overview video. This logo would work so nicely as a motion graphic.