It’s PEOPLE that are going to sit and look at your website. Not users, statistics or prospects.
People have freewill, relationships, goals, jobs, problems and other important things to do. When someone lands on your website, that is your chance to connect. From a technical point of view a website is a container to present your content: the text, images and media that tell your story. Making a connection with a person is about how you present yourself. It’s creative. It’s real. There is an art and a craft to making your story compelling to the type of people you want to connect with. That is what we specialise in.


testimonials and feedback from our clients

“When I approached Creative Engineering Studio to re-design our website I was hopeful that we could reach more people. Cordell exceeded my expectations! He was able to identify problem areas on our website and come up with innovative ideas make changes. I was blown away by his ability to understand the key messages we wanted to put across so quickly. The telephone does not stop ringing with enquiries. Our Johannesburg Academy is busier than ever and growing exponentially. Since Cordell created our new website we have more than doubled our monthly intake… he goes the extra mile and his innovation and experience have contributed to The Star Academy’s growth significantly. Thank you to a wonderful team for impeccable service.”

Ilana GerschlowitzDirector at The Star

“Cordell and the Creative Engineering Studio get my highest recommendation when it comes to web design, brand, illustration, account services and management. He’s been a key contributor to what Swift Momentums brand has become. I cant thank him and the team enough. They’re always available, always accommodating and always bring incredible ideas and delivery to the us. Thank you!”

David SarembockDirector at Swift

“Thanks so much for all the work you’ve done. The site is looking amazing with so many extra little details that make it personal.”

“YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! I will tag you in comments so u can see the responses. People are loving your work Cords!”

Donna KisoglooOwner OddWheel

“Rarely is it possible to find a web developer who is patient, attentive and understanding of the clients needs and does their best to meet the brief – tailored to the client. With technology’s constant advancements, it is so reassuring to have a developer on board to advise and handle your web upgrade. And who is so concerned with delivering exactly what you are looking for. Thank you!”

Kim GrantMedia Marketing Consultant and Brand Manager at KO Media

“Cordell is the first person I’d call for expert knowledge and advice on digital/electronic marketing. His blend of marketing, business knowledge and creativity have been part of the reason for a growing business relationship. This along with an innate ability to engage in open and honest communication make him a partner and service provider of choice for us as a company.”

Michael GrobbelaarAccount Director @ Striata

“What a fabulous job! I think the website is amazing. There are so many little surprises. Every time I explore a new page I feel like a kid opening a new sweet wrapper to see whats inside. Thank you so much for your generosity. I cant believe that you loaded 164 posts. Thats crazy!”

Martin GerschlowitzThe Star Academy

“I really think this site has so successfully hit the nail on the head as to its purpose; as well as representing the society so well. It is professional; as well as welcoming and user friendly.”

SOMMSASociety of Master Mariners South

“We did a demo with one of our partners in the US and he gave the following comments: Extremely user friendly, Visually appealing, Good colours, Great functionality. I think these are very good compliments coming from the US and testament to your great work. We really have enjoyed working with you.”

Chantal YazbekProduct Innovation, agriGate™

“Cordell and his company have provided us with a product and service that has really helped differentiate our own offering. I highly recommend working with Cordell, he makes a difference to your business.”

Clinton BridgefordExecutive Creative Director at Grid Worldwide

“This is a kickass website! Well done and thank you.”

Ronald JessopDirector at Placement Partner


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