Just like penis size the scale of the community behind a CMS (Content Management System) matters. Perhaps not as much as the technique and passion behind how it gets used. There are more than 580 million websites that use WordPress at the moment. That is a really big marketplace for themes, plugins and ready-to-use custom integrations for other popular services. There are a lot of companies and people working flat out and making some beautiful tools for the WordPress CMS based on cutting edge UX design and pretty advanced functionality that would only have been affordable to really large enterprises in the past. Provided you have someone who knows how to use it in bed with you, anyone whose website development budget is below $10,000/R120,000 will get a far better and more effective website out of WordPress than any other platform.

The figures for this come from W3TECHS statistics: (http://w3techs.com/technologies/overview/content_management/all) – the rest is my opinion. If you pile 50.3 mice on top of each other are they the same height as a Tyrannosaurus Rex? Hmmmm, seems a bit suspicious. Who does the fact checking on this stuff?